Executive assessment

Evaluating the "human capital" within organizations is a constant and challenging issue and should result in a key contribution to the company strategy. 

We can help you to be satisfied with the answers to the following  questions:

  • Do I possess the right executive committee?
  • Do I recruit and promote the right people?
  • Do I possess a satisfactory succession scheme?
  • Can my people integrate the international dimension due to the development of the company?
  • Do I retain the key people?
  • Do I help my people to develop their potential?

Our ISO 9001 certified executive assessment Centre (

  • discussion: it must be the centre of any evaluation tool, as it helps prevent peremptory judgments based on a single and too often specific view.
  • thoroughness :only structured methods can guarantee a good acquisition of information and will enable expression without constraint of evaluators. 
  • objectivity : appraisals are based on real facts and the presence of preferably three observers. Thus it keeps away from anything that is based on assumption or value judgment. 
  • commitment : if expression of the diagnostic must respect the person, it must not guard itself against taking a real stand on the question asked.
  • transparency