Case 1 : Winning in Mexico…

Managing in Mexico demands an appreciation for the country, understanding and accepting the facts of the region, including internal strife and security problems. In parallel, it is a land of opportunities and it resists the global financial crisis more successfully than other regions of the world.

In this context, our client, a MNC operating in tyre manufacturing, struggled to find a new CEO able to bridge the gap between the local culture and the systems and controls of the European headquarters.

In-depth discussion with our client led to the conclusion that the right candidate would combine a European background with an already acquired sensitivity and experience to South America. All the more, he will need to have acquired enough self-confidence and knowledge of potential controlling flaws to restore an ethical level.

The hired candidate was identified in London. With the double nationality: French and Spanish and having lived in Mexico in the past, he possessed the multicultural dimension that was needed. In addition, he had acquired both strategic and operational experiences in Multinationals, which allowed him to see the big picture and account for variables beyond his control. It was also important for the company that he could focus on long-term viability and would not be obsessed about the future step of his career outside Mexico. The presence of close relatives in Mexico contributed to assure his stability in the position.