Case 4: Assessing tomorrow’s managers…

Executive assessments are now used in multiple situations, which reflects the recognition that leadership is a critical competitive advantage for an organization.

Our client was the recently acquired subsidiary of an international group in the energy sector. As part of the integration, it was important to undertake an objective evaluation of the managers, in-line with the standards applied at the international level; the recognition of the potential of the candidates would allow them to be integrated or not into the global training program. It also contributed to the retention of the high potentials that could anticipate a career at the international level.

In partnership with our client, we determined the key competencies that needed to be validated. This involved evaluating 15 executives in their native language. We constituted an ad-hoc team of 1 team leader, 1 psychologist and 3 senior observers.

The approach to competence was 4-fold:

  • An interview about the professional dynamics and motivation
  • An approach of behavioural mechanisms: following a self-evaluation and a personality test, the participants were invited to introduce us their vision of their own behavioural characteristics.
  • An approach of behavioural performance through 5 role-plays observed by three observers
  • An approach of the cognitive potential through the PEPCo range

The final report was first submitted to each candidate, then to our client. Armed with these recommendations, our client could then deploy the executives on new positions or take the necessary measures in terms of further development.